From single parts to pre assembled set of gas systems, Flam Gas Srl is able to provide the solution. Focus on the core of your production by receiving ready sets of components and related accessories, configured according to your needs. Such solutions can be tailor made full or half assembled kits, ready for installation on units, including:  
  - Main burner  
  - Gas tap and knob  
  - Spark generator including wiring and electrode  
  - Main and secondary gas ramp  
  - Nozzles and nozzle holder  
  - Thermocouple  
  - Other subassemblies and device parts based on your project  
  Above an example of fully assembled unit, based on tailor customer parts.  
  Our pre assembled - semi assembled services are not limited to the presented accessories, above pictures are just for demonstration purposes please contact for clarifying your project request.  
  For further information on outsourcing services please contact us.