Flam Gas Srl is able to study and design burners for catering aplications, according to customer-market demands and/or specific manufacturer requirements.


Presented Below:

HOT TOP Burner, designed for hot top plates where the burner is positionned under the cooking plate. Available with different size/diameter in oder to cover the whole range of plate's dimension (single module or half module). The specific design allows to put in contact the pan directly to the flame for a faster cooking. Power from 6,5 kW to 15 kW. Available materials: stainless steel A430, nichel/chromium plating iron and mixed materials and treatments.

Below burners re-present a preview of possible applications NOT the whole range.

  Type: Hot top  
  Series: Half or single module  
  Power: 6,5 - 15 kW  
  Material: Nickel/Chromium Plating Iron, Stainless Steel A304  
  Example: Pictured above  
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