Flam Gas Srl is able to study and design burners for catering applications, according to customer-market demands and/or specific manufacturer requirements.


Presented Below:

CONVECTION OVEN Burner, designed for ovens with vertical heat exchangers, from 2 to 14 pipes. Available solutions from 4 trays cell to 20 trays. Power from 8 kW to 35 kW Available materials: stainless steel A430 and nichel and chromium plating iron

Below burners re-present a preview of possible applications NOT the whole range.

  Type: Static oven  
  Series: 4 - 20 trays & 2 -14 pipes (customisation possible on request)  
  Power: 8 - 35 kW  
  Material: Nickel/Chromium Plating Iron, Stainless Steel A304  
  Example: Pictured above  
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